Early in the afternoon I saw that Flickr now offers photo stats for your pictures. Apparently this has been offered for awhile and I’ve never noticed, but that is neither here or there. After signing up, there is the above animated gif (sans “LINKED”) telling you that it’ll take a little bit of time before you are able to get the report. I thought the gif–or maybe the fact that they used it–was kind of funny/interesting and bookmarked it on

I then noticed that two other people had bookmarked it as well and decided to check out their other links. This communal link sharing is obviously one of the draws of, but for some reason the shared bookmarking of this particular gif seemed more intimate than most.

The other linkers are also interested in design–and from a cursory skim–seemed to have other things that I also thought were interesting. As opposed to finding other people on Myspace of Facebook because of liking the same music or activities, I began wondering if I would get along with these fellow admirers in real life. For some reason, I think I would–it seems more real and indicative of personality than saying you like JT.

Which I do.

Anyhow, the whole thing felt very voyeuristic, but not nearly as voyeuristic as this no-nudity-porn video that I found on one of the shared linkers’ that appeared on the main page for is–surprise–kind of sketchy and the video is not up right now (01/06/08), but I’m going to try and find this video and get a proper link to it: It is kind of the most suspenseful and worry-causing things I’ve seen in awhile.