Nelson Puett & Associates

Nelson Puett & Associates

I first became aware of the Nelson Puett real estate offices after drinking at Little Ginny’s across the street. Looking in through the windows, my friends and I noticed a taxidermy collection that seemed to transform an office into a hybrid natural history museum. Every time I walked by it at night, I peered into the windows from then on, making up stories about all the fauna on the wall and curious about how a real estate office could operate without a bevy of computers.

Puett Slideshow

My curiosity once led me to google “Nelson Puett” and I found out that just the week before, the namesake and founder of the office had passed away. His obituary (now unable to be found on the Statesman’s website) read like an epilogue for a a bygone era’s man’s man: War hero, college football star, entrepreneur, hunter, family man, et al. I winced that I never stopped by when the man was alive and always hoped to one day get a more intimate story of the man and the office. While nowhere near complete, below is a small fragment of what Nelson Puett & Associates is.

My sincere thanks to Ruth Puett, Nelson Puett, Jr., and T.H. Worthington for allowing me to barge in on their workday and ask some questions.


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