The Arpeggio Grill

The Arpeggio Grill

Man, those Yelp reviews weren’t lying about the ambience…it’s pretty brutal. A bunch of benches and table are stacked in the back, the carpet spells sketchy, and the flourescent lights gives everyone a real interrogation-room toughness.

On the plus side, a guy just delivered food next to me and it smelled rad. There are also quite a few hajibs per capita, which has gotta say something about the place’s authenticity.

I ordered a falafel, soda, and got free Doritos for five bucks and change. Unless the falafel is way small, this seems like a pretty good deal.

Just re-took a gander at the room and there is not one thing on the wall besides a turned off flat screen. Soft hits are on the radio.

Falafel has been delivered: croquets look nicely sized, pita looks fluffy (!), size is normal.

Holy fuck that is some creamy hummus. The tsatziki is the best I’ve had in Austin.

The actual falafel practically melts in your mouth and that pita tastes as good as it looks.

Oh, yeah, that was pretty tasty. Minor quibbles: The sandwich is served with two olives (both happened to be kinda mushy), a pepperocini (which got in the way of the awesome falafel taste in my mouth), and the aforementioned Doritos (which I haven’t cracked open). I would have much preferred to have gotten a scoop of tabouli or two dolmas (or a dolma and a pickle) instead.

Nevertheless, real good stuff.

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