Graham Reynolds and Wings

Graham Reynolds
Graham Reynolds

This Wednesday (6/23/2010), Graham Reynolds–leader of Golden Arm Trio and the Golden Hornet Project–will perform a live score for the film Wings as part of the Paramount’s Summer Film Series in Austin. We sat down for a little interview wherein I learned that I have to get better at interviewing and Graham Reynolds is a nice dude. You may ascertain these facts for yourself below:

Direct link to MP3.

Wings retroactively won the first Oscar forĀ Best Production/Best Picture (the only silent film to do so), is about World War I, and isn’t currently available on DVD in the US of A. All of this means you should quit your fiddling and your faddling, buy a ticket, and come see a pretty special event Wednesday.

Come and let’s debate whether we understand why Clara Bow was a sex symbol or not!

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