Requiem for Resuscitation

405 W. 18th Street, Guadalupe Entrance
405 W. 18th Street, Guadalupe entrance.

Let me begin by saying that rehabilitating 405 W. 18th Street will not turn hay into gold, much less save the city in one fail swoop. However, I have grown some fondness—in part due to the seemingly unnecessary neglect—for the building located at the address and feel like I should make some defense of it.
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A Curated Christmas 2008

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Hi again! I’ve made a mix for this holiday season because A) I’m still cheap and B) like the idea of mixes. If you want even more me approved non-holiday holiday music, you should feel free to complete the collection with A Curated Christmas 2007 and/or A Curated Christmas 2005 (alternate link).

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